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CAS: 869743-37-3

Molecular Formula: C18H22O4

Formula Weight: 302.37

Purity: 99.0%

Grade: Industrial Grade

Appearance: Off White Powder

Product Description

Chemical Formula:


Product Info: 

Nivitol is a novel tyrosinase inhibitor with strong depigmenting effects. It is a natural botanical alternative, derived from the novel plant extract Dianella ensifolia, and has been scientifically proven to visibly improve skin appearance. Nivitol contains a unique enzyme-blocking, or tyrosinase-inhibiting agent that reduces skin pigmentation and safely lightens skin color without any adverse side effectives often found with harsh chemicals.


  • Clinical studies have shown Nivitol to be up to 20 times more effective than the leading whitening agents such as hydroquinone and kojic acid. 

  • It has been thoroughly safety tested by independent third-party institutes and has shown no adverse side effects. 

  • Additionally, Nivitol is extremely potent and can be effectively used at 10-50 times lower concentrations than competitive whitening agents making it a cost-effective alternative. 

  • It is highly compatible in formulation with other skin care ingredients and can be used as an active agent in creams, lotions, masks and other cosmetic products.

  • Antioxidant: Inhibits reactions favored by oxygen, thus avoiding oxidation and rancidity

  • Skin conditioning: Keeps the skin in good condition

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