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What are the Ingredients of Marula Oil?

Dec. 06, 2021

Marula Oil


The kernel of the Marula tree is pressed to produce wild virgin Marula oil, which is known as the "luxury oil". It is a multi-purpose oil that combines skincare and hair care. Let me introduce you to this amazing oil.


Bionic composition: similar to the stratum corneum fatty acids

Human skin contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids, of which palmitic and oleic acids have the highest content.

Fast penetration: The high content of oleic acid Omega 9 allows Maru oil to penetrate into the dermis, and the oil can be absorbed quickly to deeply moisturize the skin.

Oil-free water-locking film: The perfect ratio of stearic acid forms a protective film on the surface of the skin, which is non-greasy and seals in the moisture inside the skin.


Oleic acid (Omega 9): promotes penetration

In medicine, oleic acid is one of the transdermal enhancers of anesthetic drugs. After penetrating deep into the stratum corneum of the skin, oleic acid breaks the membrane structure formed by lipids, generating a large number of voids and enlarging cellular gaps, forming many channels for easy penetration of substances, thus reducing diffusion resistance and facilitating the passage of active substances through the stratum corneum.

It is currently recognized as the most ideal fatty acid with a transdermal promotion effect, which effectively enhances the penetration and absorption of active substances.


Linoleic acid (Omega 6): repairing/healing skin

The human body is unable to synthesize, the precursor of skin ceramide synthesis, to help repair the skin barrier.

In developing countries, ointments containing linoleic acid are used to treat wounds, and numerous experimental and clinical studies have shown that linoleic acid is effective in helping wounds heal. It has a positive impact on the 3 phases of tissue repair/healing of the skin.

1. Inflammatory phase: Linoleic acid increases the release of pro-inflammatory mediators during the initial phase of inflammation (1-4 hours) and decreases the release of pro-inflammatory mediators during the receding phase (18-48 hours), with a two-way effect, controlling the severity of inflammation and shortening the bleeding time.

2. Proliferative phase: Promotes the expression of cytokines and chemokines, which are the basis for endothelial cell adhesion, migration, growth, differentiation, and granulation tissue formation.

3. Reconstruction phase: promote the expression of adhesion proteins, migration of fibroblasts, synthesis of collagen, and wound contraction.


Inhibition of skin elastase & collagenase

In skin aging, especially UV-induced photoaging, due to local vasodilatation, congestion and inflammation, blood leukocytes exude and release elastase and collagenase, which degrade elastin in surrounding tissues, resulting in loss of skin elasticity and wrinkle formation.

Marula oil has a certain inhibitory effect on both enzymes, protecting skin elastin and collagen, thus reducing fine lines and stretch marks.


Effects of Marula Oil

I. Anti-aging

Maintain skin elasticity and fullness, reduce fine lines

Second, repair and soothe, reduce redness and swelling

Repair skin barrier: Omega 6

Reduce photoaging: Omega 6 & 3

Three, antioxidant

Free radical scavenging capacity: 3800-4300 mg/kg

Polyphenols: 1.7-35.7 mg/kg

Flavonoids: 122-266 mg/kg

Tocopherol: 34-1682 mg/kg

IV. Mild antibacterial

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant esters: sterols 2802-2929 mg/kg

V. Hydration and moisturizing


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