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Dehydrocholic Acid

CAS: 81-23-2

Molecular Formula: C24H34O5

Formula Weight: 402.52

Purity: 96.0%

Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

Standard: USP

Appearance: White Powder

Product Description

Chemical Formula:

Dehydrocholic Acid

Product Info: 

What is Dehydrocholic Acid?

It is a semisynthetic bile acid made from cholic acid, used as a cholagogue, hydrocholeretic, diuretic, and as a diagnostic aid.

Dehydrocholic acid is a synthetic bile acid, manufactured by the oxidation of cholic acid. It acts as a hydrocholeretic, increasing bile output to clear increased bile acid load.


3,7,12-Trioxo-5beta-cholan-24-oic acid;

3,7,12-Triketocholanic acid~3,7,12-Trioxo-5-beta-cholan-24-oic acid;

penta[a]phenanthren-17-yl]pentanoic acid;


Acts as a hydrocholeretic, increasing bile output to clear increased bile acid load: It can stimulate liver cells to secrete a large amount of bile with low specific gravity and low viscosity, promote the drainage of bile and facilitate the discharge of bile sands and small stones, which are the inflammatory products of bacteria in the biliary tract and gallbladder, and play the role of flushing and cleaning the biliary system.

For biochemical research: It belongs to cholic acid, used for gallbladder and biliary tract dysfunction; Condensation after cholecystectomy; Chronic cholecystitis; Cholelithiasis and chronic hepatitis.

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Dehydrocholic Acid

Dehydrocholic Acid