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3-Nitrophenylboronic Acid

CAS: 13331-27-6

Molecular Formula: C6H6BNO4

Formula Weight: 166.93

Purity: 98.0%

Grade: Customized

Appearance: Off White Powder

Product Description

Chemical Formula:

3-Nitrophenylboronic Acid

Product Info:



3-nitrophenylboronic acid,


(3-nitrophenyl)boronic acid,

3-Nitrobenzeneboronic acid,

m-Nitrophenylboronic acid

Reactant involved in:

• Copper-catalyzed arylation

• Palladium-catalyzed decarboxylative coupling

• Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling

• Oxidative carbocyclization / arylation

• Addition to arylpropargyl alcohols

Additionally, used as a reactant for synthesizing biologically active molecules such as:

• Inhibitors of angiogenesis

• Biaryl-olefins with antiproliferative activities

• Catalyzes ene carbocyclization of acetylenic dicarbonyl compounds

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3-Nitrophenylboronic Acid

3-Nitrophenylboronic Acid